Fall Classes & What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Posted By on August 29, 2016

Wow! Did this summer go by fast!! It seems to go by faster every year. And with Jazz Fest being so much later now, extending into July, it doesn’t even feel like it starts till after the 4th of July. Both my husband and I have lost our dads over the past twelve years, but our moms are still alive and doing well. My mom, who just turned 92 on her birthday a couple of weeks ago, still lives by herself in Ohio and still drives. I have, however, spent more time driving back and forth to southern Ohio (a 7 1/2 hour drive) this year, to go to doctor appointments with her and to drive her back and forth to Rochester for visits. She used to fly, but now is too stressed by the whole process of flying (who isn’t?!), so I have to drive over and get her for visits. She visited us in May and again in July this summer. We are about to drive to Ohio again and pick her up to drive to my nephew’s wedding in Missouri (another 7 hours).

My husband’s mom is younger, 86, and has lived by herself since Jeff’s dad died 6 years ago. But she doesn’t drive and her house is southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. His brother lives in Cleveland, but was about 45 minute drive from his mom and has spent the last 6 years driving out to her house in the country once a week to do her banking and grocery shopping. Since she suffers from glocoma and is now legally blind, it has been a worry for us having her live by herself so far out of the city. We have finally, after several years of trying to persuade her, convinced her to move into a lovely assisted living apartment, minutes from my brother-in-law. So we spent several weeks of our summer driving over to pack her house, sell the furniture she wouldn’t any longer need, and moving her into Berea, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland). She will now be 40 minutes closer to us, and her meals will all be prepared for her. And we were fortunate enough to sell her house in just a few weeks after putting it on the market and get her off the waiting list and into an apartment within days of the sale. So everything has fallen into place wonderfully, but like I said…the summer has gone by way too fast!

In addition to all of this, I was trying to get my quilt Get-Away Weekend set up in a new location for 2017. It took several months of research, but I think I have found an even better place than where we have been going for the past 11 years. And having just announced this new location about a month ago, it is over half full already! If you are planning on attending this year, be sure to get your deposit down soon. I’ve already had inquiries from a dozen new retreaters, so I expect it to be full this year. You can read more and download a sign-up brochure by clicking HERE.

Bicentennial Quilt, 1975-76

Bicentennial Quilt, 1975-76

But I did get to take a weekend and go to the Thousand Islands with a friend to her family’s camp for a little rest and relaxation before moving Mom Spevak. We did nothing but eat, drink and relax by the water except for one morning when we took a drive and ended up in Cape Vincent checking out their tiny little museum by the entrance to the ferry to Wolf Island. That’s were I saw this beautiful red and white Friendship Quilt made between the years 1925 and 1928 as a fundraiser for the St. John’s Episcopal Church in St. Vincent. For just 10¢ anyone could have their signature embroidered on the quit, or they could embroider it themselves. According to the documentation, there were 727 names on the quilt, raising just under $75…a lot more substantial sum in those days than it would be today.  Also, there was another handmade quilt, a Bicentennial project by a 1975-76 kindergarten class, arranged in the order in which their names were called on the roll for attendance each morning. So the summer was not all work and no fun. Seeing these quilts helped inspire me to get busy planning some classes for this fall.


Signature Quilt  Signature Quilt2

Now I am in the middle of painting the hallway outside my studio. This past weekend I painted the bottom half of the wall grey and started painting the turquoise trim. I still need to finish painting the trim and paint the doors. I hope to finish that before First Friday, which is this week, September 2, from 6 – 9 p.m. Stop by and check out my “new” colorful studio! I still have modern quilt designer fabrics for just $7.50 per yard and I currently have a table of some of my stash fabric for just $3 per yard. You can also pick up a brochure for the 2017 Get-Away Weekend and signup if you are interested. This will be the first year that I will take credit card payment for the weekend. And as a special incentive, if you make full payment by September 25, you will receive coupons for 2 FREE open studios in 2016 and 2 FREE yards of fabric. I also will be having a special Class Preview during First Friday. This will be your chance to find out about my fall classes. There will be a special drawing for a quilt kit which you can enter by signing up for some classes. One entry for each class you register for on First Friday. So stop by and see what’s new at Quilting with Margaret, Studio #307, the Hungerford, 1115 East Main Street. Signup for a class, and maybe you will win a quilt!

Studio Paint      Studio Paint2     Studio Paint3

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