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Posted By on June 22, 2012

This week is Rochester’s International Jazz Festival.  About 180,00 people attended last year.  If you’ve never been, I encourage you to stop down for an evening, even if just for some of the free outdoor shows.  It’s a good way to get your creative juices flowing.  And while you’re downtown in the East End, stop by the Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery on East Avenue by Christ Church where they are showing the 6x6x2012 exhibit.  I didn’t get time to enter it this year, but there are always several 6″ x 6″ quilts among the many anonymous works of art.  You can also check it out at http://www.roco6x6.org/6x6x2012_intro.php

I’ve been spending my June days at my studio creating samples for new fall classes.  Pictured is a SABLE club quilt in the works on my design wall.  Yesterday was just too hot to work down there, so I came home early.  And this week I will be taking off to attend Jazz Fest each night.  But I’m real excited about a new class I will be offering at my studio this fall on modern quilting.  Modern quilting is a new and rapidly growing movement in the quilting world. Modern quilts and quilters:

  • Make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts
  • Use asymmetry in quilt design
  • Rely less on repetition and on the interaction of quilt block motifs
  • Contain reinterpreted traditional blocks
  • Embrace simplicity and minimalism
  • Utilize alternative block structures or lack of visible block structure
  • Incorporate increased use of negative space
  • Are inspired by modern art and architecture
  • Frequently use improvisational piecing
  • Contain bold colors, on trend color combinations and graphic prints
  • Often use gray and white as neutrals
  • Reflect an increased use of solid fabrics
  • Focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines

I’ll be sharing more about this class in future blogs.  Also, at my studio this fall I plan to hold an open studio one night a month from 5 -10 p.m. or anytime you want to join us during that time frame.  And I also plan to revive my past class, Caffeinated Crafters, once a month on Sundays.  I’ll be posting photos of the samples for all of my new classes this fall as I complete them.

Hope you’re having a great summer and I’ll see you on Jazz Street!

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