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Posted By on August 18, 2018

Threads of ResistanceJust came from the traveling quilt exhibit “Threads of Resistance.” WOW! Everyone should try to get downtown this weekend or next weekend to see these amazing quilts from art quilters all over the country and world. It’s at the Times Square Building, 45 Exchange Blvd. (corner of Broad and Exchange). Hours are Aug. 18 – 25, 2018, Friday – Sunday 12  – 4 p.m. or by appointment (585)313-8949. There is a guest speaker both Saturdays at 2 p.m. (Betty Svitavsky on Aug. 25).

The art in this exhibit expresses a range of emotions from anger and sadness, to hope for positive change. The exhibit was created by the Artist Circle Alliance that seeks to address current issues including climate change, sexual assault, immigration, the refugee crisis, racism and sexism.

Here are some of the quilts in the exhibit:

"Nevertheless, They Persisted"  by Do Palma (Wyoming)

“Nevertheless, They Persisted”
by Do Palma (Wyoming)

"Political Power Grab" by Sara Mika (Pennsylvania)

“Political Power Grab”
by Sara Mika (Pennsylvania)













"Roe v Wade Must Stand" by Cyndy Rymer (California)

“Roe v Wade Must Stand”
by Cyndy Rymer (California)

"Nevertheless, She Persisted"  by Dawn Allen (Massachuetts)

“Nevertheless, She Persisted”
by Dawn Allen (Massachuetts)













"RE$I$TAN¢E" by Mel Beach (California)

by Mel Beach (California)

"The Kiss" by Maryte Collard (Lithuania)

“The Kiss”
by Maryte Collard (Lithuania)



Read more about the exhibit at this website: Threads of Resistance.  Purchase a catalog of the show at this Amazon link. View the art and watch a slideshow here.

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